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Hard Verses: Not Your Namby Pamby Bible Study. These Bible Verses are Hard!

Jan 29, 2018

This is a closer look at Psalms 127:9 concerning the phrase, " happy are they that dash their little ones on the stones."  I enlist the commentators of Barnes, Coffman, Clarke, and K&D.  For those that are not going to listen, just know that Edom and Babylon are going to get theirs. Thanks to all the subscribers and...

Jan 22, 2018

Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani, My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me? Matthew 27:46.

Did Jesus not really know what was going on? How does Psalm 22 relate?  We shall find out on this episode of the Hard Verses Podcast.

Jan 15, 2018

This is a great hard verse for the Bible Genius to go after.  I thank Pete Davis for the research and love of the truth and his contribution to the podcast and to my life.  

One of the resources that was heavily relied on is this article by Lee.

I can neither...

Jan 12, 2018

This is my confession that this verse is harder than originally thought.  I am still in the works and should have some information by next week. My plan is to have the answers to the proposed questions concerning the "man of perdition" from 2 Thess. 2.  Thanks for all the encouragement and comments.  The video of the...

Jan 6, 2018

Spoiler alert:  It is not the man of perdition in 2 Thess. You are probably wanting to hear about that instead.  Thanks to everyone who has been so patient during my wife's illness.  Yes it has been a while.  

In Christian love,

Bryan Cook